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Book notes

Cities on a Finite Planet builds upon and goes beyond the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) chapter on urban areas. Written by the same team, this book is one of the first bridges between AR5 and the IPCC’s sixth assessment cycle (AR6).

Security in the Bubble: Navigating Crime in Urban South Africa is part of the Globalization and Community series.

Bringing together sociological and non-sociological development scholars, Development in Crisis presents an interdisciplinary dialogue on the challenges that face development today and potential sources of crisis in development in the future.

More than a million tourists visited informal settlements in 2014, largely in South Africa. Frenzel points out that this is not a new trend; in previous centuries wealthy Londoners “slummed it” in the impoverished East End, while white New Yorkers did the same in black Harlem.

The poor in cities are faced with dual challenges: housing shortages and increased vulnerability to climate change impacts, given the location of their houses as well as their capacities to recover.

Drawing upon examples of street vendors in Hanoi, this study explores gendered strategies to adapt to change and transform, and how street vendors’ responses, in turn, shape the current informal food systems in Hanoi.

Growing urban demand for food – which now constitutes about 60–70 per cent of food consumption in Asia and more than half in Africa – is met largely by trade. This paper reviews evidence for what this trade means for rural areas, and for successful rural economic transformation.

Saving the Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa presents the collaborative research of William Markham (University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA) and Lotsmart Fonjong (University of Buea, Cameroon).

Gender, Asset Accumulation and Just Cities is truly a collective endeavour led by its editor Caroline Moser.

Stemming from the Design for Urban Disaster conference at Harvard University in 2014, Urban Disaster Resilience explores the concepts of “urban” and “disaster” within the framework of “resilience”.