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About Environment and Urbanization

This twice-yearly journal provides researchers, NGO staff and professionals in Africa, Asia and Latin America with the chance to write about their work, present their ideas and debate on issues. It promotes the work of French, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking authors by arranging for the translation of their work into English. It is one of the few journals on Africa, Asia and Latin America where a majority of the authors come from these regions.
Each issue goes to over 5,000 universities, teaching institutions, NGOs and individuals in Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well as to over 3,000 subscribers in high-income nations.

Now in its 29th year of publication, Environment and Urbanization is one of the most widely read and distributed journals in its field, helped by its low price, the free subscriptions available to NGOs and teaching/training institutions in the South who find it difficult to obtain foreign exchange (with support from Sida, DANIDA and UK Aid from the UK government), and an active Advisory Board (most of whom are from NGOs and research institutes in Africa, Asia and Latin America). Each issue has a special theme and includes:

  • 9-14 papers on that theme
  • profiles of innovative NGOs (in some issues)
  • papers on the themes of previous issues
  • papers on climate change (since 2007)


3,100 copies of the most recent issue of Environment and Urbanization were printed. Many subscribers receive just the electronic issue.

Around 30,000 articles are being accessed each month at the online edition of Environment and Urbanization: see http://journals.sagepub.com/home/eau

Environment and Urbanization Briefs

Six-page summaries of each issue of the journal, prepared primarily for the staff of government departments, city authorities and development assistance agencies) go to 473 persons as printed copy and 1054 persons electronically. Please visit the E&U Briefs page or contact us if you would like to receive these.

Book Notes

Summaries of new books, research reports and newsletters, and how these can be obtained (including those in Spanish, French and Portuguese). Please visit the Book Notes page.

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David Satterthwaite (Editor)
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