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What are they?

Five-page summaries of each issue of Environment and Urbanization are now available. These are written primarily for the staff of government and international agencies who find Environment and Urbanization too long. Write, fax or e-mail us if you wish to receive a copy of these. Specify whether you wish to receive it electronically (as a .pdf file) or by mail. If demand for the printed version becomes too high, we may have to charge for this.

Staff from government or international agencies may request multiple copies if they wish to distribute these within their own agency. The Policy Briefs are a combination of the editorial for that issue (shortened) and the article summaries, so current subscribers will find nothing in them that they do not have in the full issue.

Recent Issues

Briefs from previous issues of Environment and Urbanization can be downloaded from the Human Settlements section of the IIED website. Read more...

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E&U Briefs are funded by UK aid from the UK Government, however the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of the UK Government.