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Current issue: The contribution of cities to local and planetary health - equity, ecosystem services and nature

This special issue examines the contributions that cities make to local and planetary health at a time when an ever-growing share of the world’s population primarily encounters nature within the city. Diverse case studies explore questions of what nature looks like in the city and who it is there to serve. These span a wide array of cities and biomes – from the lakes of Bengaluru, to the floodplains of Khon Kaen, the forests of Obafemi-Owode, the parks of Johannesburg, the orchards of Shenzhen and the wetlands of Kolkata – drawing out the intersections between social and environmental goals in the study of urban socio-ecological systems. 



Book notes

Against the Commons: A Radical History of Urban Planning by Álvaro Sevilla-Buitrago begins by suggesting that the commons has become not only an elusive, but also an imaginary concept within urbanization.

Architecture is a unique blend of technical, artistic, economic and socio-cultural developments. Spanning both art and science, it is closely linked with urbanism, ecology, microclimate, environment, natural resources, water, energy and public health. In the words of RIBA Gold Medallist and Pritzker Award winner B V Doshi, “we cannot look at architecture as merely a product because it is not what one calls a passive space, form or structure. Architecture is an extension of our body. It’s not outside of me, it is a part of me and we live within it.

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