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Current issue: Addressing urban inequalities II: Discursive and material practices through scale

This issue pairs research from sites in Dar es Salaam, Dhaka, Harare, Lilongwe, Lima and Mumbai with analyses of policies relating to climate-impacted dwellers in urban Bangladesh, to state-provided housing in South Africa and to the framing of ‘slums’ in global policy discourses. Running through each of these papers is a focus on the discursive and material practices at different scales that can reinforce inequalities – but that when co-produced with the aim of fulfilling the rights of urban residents, can also construct and reproduce pathways to urban equality.



Book notes

Displacement affects more than 100 million people worldwide and is often prolonged. Many displaced people seek opportunities in cities. Whereas participatory planning can be tokenistic and lack impact, the Protracted Displacement in an Urban World project explores participatory information gathering and decision making that meaningfully involve displaced and host communities in catalysing more equitable and inclusive urban development.

Crankshaw’s volume builds on earlier work to provide a comprehensive analysis of economic and social inequality in Johannesburg. This argument in this new book centres on Crankshaw’s interrogation of two dominant theories that have emerged in Europe and the United States to explain observed changes in urban-based labour market opportunities, and then moves to report on and analyse changes in Johannesburg’s residential neighbourhoods.

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