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Current issue: Rethinking urbanization and economic development

This issue explores new perspectives on the links between urbanization and economic development.

It brings together papers tackling the measurement of urban growth in Africa; land value capture in South Korea; links between the built form of unplanned settlements and socioeconomic status in Mozambique; the effect of property rights on income generation in Angola; connections between informal settlement dwelling and running informal enterprises in Indonesia; and the linking of existing research on entrepreneurship and business studies with urban geography.



Book notes

In the words of the author, the sanitation crisis this book describes is not some abstraction. The lack of provision is being lived by hundreds of millions now, as people wake in the morning, go to school or work, take the bus or train, visit the local market, or move through the neighbourhood in the evening. It is present in physical exhaustion, illness, disease, harassment and violence. It ruins education, health, jobs and family relationships.

The atlas is a study of the spatial logic of informal settlement development and what shapes or is shaped by it. The heart of this book is descriptions, maps and photos of 51 informal settlements from cities around the world. For each informal settlement, this includes details of how they formed (many have long histories), how they developed over time and what engagements they had with government agencies.

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