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Connecting decarbonization and urban justice in cities

Current issue: Connecting decarbonization and urban justice in cities

This issue seeks to expand understanding of how climate change mitigation policies and practices can align with the imperative to secure social justice in cities and to support the agendas of urban social movements.

Bringing together papers that respond to gaps in knowledge around the links increasingly being made between decarbonization and social justice in cities, it offers empirical research and practical knowledge about grounding climate justice in low-income and informal settlements.



Book notes

The definition of infrastructure itself has to be expanded beyond cement and pipes to include infrastructure as process, infrastructure as knowledge and information, infrastructure as institutions, infrastructure as people, infrastructure as nature, and infrastructure as intention. Without each of these definitions there is no hope for improving human well-being.

This is a very fine, very detailed and beautifully presented comparative study of six cities – London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Delhi, Mumbai – each of them among the world’s largest cities, each part of a functioning democracy, each with successes and failures. Each with long and complex histories including histories of planning and land use management.

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