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Book notes

The author incorporates the intrinsic value of nature and a concern for future generations and non-human beings into a socio-ecological understanding of poverty.

This working paper brings together discussions of the green economy and climate change resilience, using the urban informal economy to anchor these concepts.

Urban experiments addressing climate change open up a platform for cities, where government organizations, civic society and private actors can explore, learn and challenge their approaches to climate governance beyond institutional limits.

This book places a big question mark against the sustainability of sustainable development policies and their role and contribution to sustaining the places, environments and people in London.

Winners of a UK sustainable development award scheme describe their hands-on approaches to sustainable development in diverse fields such as travel and transport, buildings, food and entrepreneurship.

This edited volume by authors from multiple disciplines promotes the nexus approach as a policy-relevant means of environmental management by focusing on integrated management of water, soil and waste resources.

This book highlights not only the challenges of integrating a fuzzy and highly contested concept like sustainable development into higher education, but also the many creative and innovative entry points that students, researchers and university staff find to collaboratively address it.

This is an unusual book for the development field: part memoir, part manual on participatory research, and part overview of development studies.

Addressed mainly to staff directly working with low-income communities, such as health workers and community volunteers, this guide compiles examples of low-cost technologies to improve accessibility to water and sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Metropolitan areas in the United States are able to generate innovations and be engines of economic prosperity and social transformation.