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A to Z of Sustainable Development

A K Jain




In recent years, the issues of environmental pollution and climate change have been at the forefront of international agendas. In response, in 2015 the 193 countries of the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, aimed at making the world more liveable, green, pollution-free and resilient. This underlines that the paradigm of development aligns with economic, human, environmental and cultural objectives. Development, therefore, has to be low-carbon, pollution-free and climate-resilient.

In its 26 chapters this new title covers critical aspects of carbon footprint, climate change, ecology, energy, green buildings, heritage, housing and slums, infrastructure services, natural resources, transport, urbanism and water. The more than 110 visuals help the readers to understand the ideas, principles and concepts of sustainability.

Book note prepared by A K Jain.

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