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Tools for Inclusive Cities: The Roles of Community-Based Engagement and Monitoring in Reducing Poverty

Celine d’Cruz, Sonia Fadrigo Cadornigara, David Satterthwaite



This paper describes the role of federations and networks of slum/shack dwellers in developing effective responses to their needs through partnerships with local governments. It has a particular interest in the role of Community-Based Engagement and Monitoring in this. It draws on interviews and discussions with civil servants, politicians and members of slum/shack dweller federations in Jinja (Uganda), Pune (India) and Harare (Zimbabwe) as well as visits to projects where the federations and local governments were working together and to local NGOs that support the federations. The paper also considers the role of funds set up by the federations and networks in stimulating and supporting community-based engagement including the Asian Coalition for Community Action. 

This can be downloaded at no charge from http://pubs.iied.org/pdfs/10708IIED.pdf?

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