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It’s raining, it’s pouring: Urban children and climate change vulnerability in secondary cities in Asia

Anne Tadgell

Asian Cities Climate Resilience briefing



As urbanization continues, more people will be exposed to direct and indirect hazards of climate change, especially children in urban poor communities of the global South. A collaborative report between Save the Children and IIED explores key vulnerabilities of Asian children in urban communities to climate change and seeks to identify ways through which child-focused organizations can ensure climate change does not undermine the development trajectory of children in urban communities. Adaptation remains critical for cities in poorer nations despite the fact that opportunities for child participation in adaptation initiatives remain weak. The report recommends incorporating adaptation education and training into school curricula and encourages the development of more social policies and programmes to address the existing vulnerabilities and deprivations of urban poor children.


Available at http://pubs.iied.org/10740IIED.html


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