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Green and Thriving Neighbourhoods

C40 Cities and Arup



This guidebook is mainly intended for local government authorities. It defines the two pillars of green and thriving neighbourhoods as: 1) emissions reduction (the goal being net-zero emissions); and 2) better quality of life locally. One framework for potentially achieving both is the 15-minute city, which has been adopted in some form in cities from Paris to Bogotá.

This is an example of the 10 approaches, gathered from across the network of mayors in C40 Cities, that the guidebook explores. For each approach, the authors have compiled key concepts, potential actions (grouped by theme), and several case studies of cities that have adopted the approach.

For instance, the “Connected place” approach covers both transport connectivity and digital networking. One of the case studies is the cable car system in Medellín, Colombia, which has dramatically reduced the travel time between low- and high-income neighbourhoods, leading to more job opportunities and public facilities in less affluent areas.

The report also suggests a pathway for the steps needed to implement approaches.


Available from: https://www.arup.com/perspectives/publications/research/section/green-and-thriving-neighbourhoods


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