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Delhi – Old and New

Cover of Delhi - Old and New

A K Jain




Delhi, a megacity of 20 million, is a symbol of India’s heritage and modernity, old and new. Its multicultural variety makes it a unique and pulsating city. It presents a syncretic amalgamation of fine arts, cuisine, etiquettes, festivals, education, dance, drama, stories, crafts, poetry and architecture, and manifests both planned development and unplanned growth.

This book illustrates the evolution of Delhi, its history, flora and fauna, river, air, forests, parks and biodiversity. It also highlights the spatial and cultural asymmetries within the city and the incessant issues of pollution and traffic its inhabitants experience.
At the same time the book offers a summary of Delhi’s places of pride and encourages children to learn, relearn, see, explore and discover it. Children understand the environment and relationships between inside and outside, dark and bright, big and small, new and old, and are fascinated by colours, the fragrance of soil, and by rain, flowers and trees. This book, with its 213 illustrations, offers a child-friendly read and a celebration of the city.

Book note prepared by A K Jain.

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