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Current issue: Sanitation and drainage in cities

In light of the failure to reach the sanitation target of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), this issue of Environment and Urbanization explores methodological, political, financial and other challenges to measuring and improving sanitation in urban areas.

This is the second 2015 issue of Environment and Urbanization to cover sanitation and drainage. Only one of the countries covered in these two issues met its MDG target. Some even saw their urban populations’ access to improved sanitation decline from the start of the reporting period in 1990. These papers are therefore very timely given the global discussion around how to ensure the stronger performance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, as the editorial points out, it will be essential to establish a robust monitoring system to actually implement the SDGs.


Book notes

Scholarly and policy circles can take it for granted that climate change is an undeniable reality. But as shown in the recently published What We Think about When We Try Not to Think about Global Warming, there is still a mass of people – including educated, influential ones – who think otherwise. It is estimated that 30–60 per cent of the population of wealthy Western countries identify as climate sceptics (and “the strongest predictor of expressing climate change denial is having a libertarian, free-market worldview”).

A resilient city must have, among other things, the capacity to satisfy the water and sanitation needs of its residents in a manner that is sustainable, equitable and conducive to human development.

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