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Cover form October 2010 issue: Youth and the CityEnvironment and Urbanization (E&U) is one of the world's most highly ranked environmental and urban studies journals. It provides researchers, NGO staff and professionals in Africa, Asia and Latin America with the chance to write about their work, present their ideas and debate on issues. Read more…

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Towards resilience and transformation for cities II

After an editorial on how to get local governments, residents and enterprises to respond to the new IPCC Fifth Assessment, four papers discuss different aspects of resilience, and six papers show the full spectrum of responses to climate change There are also papers on the highly inappropriate city plans being developed in sub-Saharan Africa and India; on urban poverty in Zambia; participatory budgeting in Chengdu, China; community upgrading in Manila; and participatory methods for researching entrepreneurship.”

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Around a billion people live in informal urban settlements that lack essential services and security. So, with the international community about to agree on a new set of sustainable development goals (SDGs) for all nations to pursue from 2015, the concerns of these people should be high on the agenda.
There's a surprising name on the list of winners of this year's US$1.25 million Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship. 
Climate change, health and urban resilience are all connected, and this means research and policy in these arenas must join up.

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