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Current issue: Conflict and violence in 21st century cities

Current issue: Conflict and violence in 21st century cities

The current issue points to a paradigm shift in the overall approach on how to manage violence in cities, as violence in cities across Africa, Asia and Latin America is here to stay and can no longer be seen as a problem which can be challenged and overcome through development programmes.

This issue also reflects on aspects which have gained importance in the last decade, including the dramatic increase in conflict in urban areas with many cities now being primary sites for warfare.


Book notes

This handbook brings together academics, practitioners and policymakers to explore a wide range of issues in gender and development. Eight broad themes are addressed: the field of gender and development; environmental resources; population and poverty; health, survival and services; mobilities; conflict and post-conflict; economics; and development organizations. The chapters tend to be short, making this more of a primer than an exhaustive look at any particular topic.

This paper examines the economic losses caused by urban flooding. It begins by identifying components of economic losses (i.e. direct costs and indirect costs) at different stages of the flood (i.e. before, during and after) and then uses ex-post and ex-ante estimations to measure economic losses. The opportunity-cost method was used. In addition, factors affecting household economic losses were assessed. The study interviewed 250 households in flooded areas in Can Tho City, Vietnam.

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