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Current issue: Towards resilience and transformation for cities II

Current issue: Towards resilience and transformation for cities II

After an editorial on how to get local governments, residents and enterprises to respond to the new IPCC Fifth Assessment, four papers discuss different aspects of resilience, and six papers show the full spectrum of responses to climate change. There are also papers on the highly innapropriate city plans being developed in sub-Saharan Africa and India; on urban poverty in Zambia; participatory budgeting in Chengdu, China; Community upgrading in Manila; and participatory methods for researching entrepreneurship.


Book notes

This book offers insights into the life and struggles of those living in Greater Noida ‒ once a rural area close to Delhi and now a rapidly growing satellite town ‒ written from the perspective of a resident journalist.

Located in a farming area, life in Greater Noida reflects the challenges of the many rural areas that lie adjacent to rapidly expanding large cities. Although the author has no intention of contributing to the academic debate on rural and urban development, the stories in this book can inform and give meaning to the work of academics and practitioners.

  This paper describes how participatory budgeting was introduced to Yaoundé (Cameroon).

It begins with an introduction to participatory budgeting (PB), a mechanism that incorporates citizen input into decisions about how municipal funds are used. In general, the benefits include poverty reduction, improved governance, community ownership of projects, and enhanced trust between citizens and local authorities.

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How do poverty and vulnerability to climate change overlap? If you're to tackle either issue in urban contexts how must you engage with the other? How can practitioners in cities, in national government agencies and international organisations support urban development that reduces risk and boosts low-income residents' standard of living?

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