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Current issue: Towards resilience and transformation for cities II

Current issue: Towards resilience and transformation for cities II

After an editorial on how to get local governments, residents and enterprises to respond to the new IPCC Fifth Assessment, four papers discuss different aspects of resilience, and six papers show the full spectrum of responses to climate change. There are also papers on the highly innapropriate city plans being developed in sub-Saharan Africa and India; on urban poverty in Zambia; participatory budgeting in Chengdu, China; Community upgrading in Manila; and participatory methods for researching entrepreneurship.


Book notes

This book makes the case for incorporating green infrastructure into existing and new cities and city districts through the presentation of successful city initiatives, with many colour photos to show what has been done. When brought together, these examples remind us of how much innovation is going on. At issue is whether we can make cities rise to the challenge of global warming and resource depletion while also making them life-enhancing communities of creativity and innovation that are safe and healthy.

This is a large format and very visual atlas that charts the diversity of the world’s cities over time, focusing on different types of cities produced by processes of urbanization. One of its main themes is that in every geographic context and historical period, towns and cities have always been engines of economic innovation and centres of cultural expansion, social transformation and political change.

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