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Current issue: Conflict and violence in 21st century cities

Current issue: Conflict and violence in 21st century cities

The current issue points to a paradigm shift in the overall approach on how to manage violence in cities, as violence in cities across Africa, Asia and Latin America is here to stay and can no longer be seen as a problem which can be challenged and overcome through development programmes.

This issue also reflects on aspects which have gained importance in the last decade, including the dramatic increase in conflict in urban areas with many cities now being primary sites for warfare.


Book notes

This working paper brings together discussions of the green economy and climate change resilience, using the urban informal economy to anchor these concepts. It points out that too little attention has been paid to the role of urban informality in achieving a greener and more climate resilient economy. This is surprising, given the large proportion of people employed informally in low- and middle-income countries, as well as the world’s increasing level of urbanization. To fill this gap, the paper first defines the green economy and climate resilience concepts from an urban perspective.

Urban experiments addressing climate change open up a platform for cities, where government organizations, civic society and private actors can explore, learn and challenge their approaches to climate governance beyond institutional limits.

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