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Current issue: From the MDGs to the SDGs and Habitat III

In 2015, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were replaced by the Sustainable Development Goals. And the UN Conference Habitat III to be held in October 2016 is meant to agree on “the new urban agenda” through which these goals are to be met. This issue of Environment and Urbanization looks critically at whether the much-needed changes in urban policy and practice will be achieved. It includes papers on:

  • what inclusive urbanization actually means (and whether governments will act on it)
  • the rapidly expanding urban agenda but with diminishing expectations for Habitat III
  • the return to large, heavily subsidized and inappropriate mass housing
  • the high rates of return that can come from good urban policy
  • whether we need a new urban agenda for refugees/those displaced by conflict
  • whether urban centres are taken seriously in the post-2015 Agenda
  • indicators that allow cities to measure and monitor their SDG performance
  • missing the MDG targets for water and sanitation in urban areas
  • getting public and environmental health back into urban agendas


Book notes

Gender, Asset Accumulation and Just Cities is truly a collective endeavour led by its editor Caroline Moser. Following the methodology of an earlier volume, this book’s contributors engaged in a workshop debate to discuss the nexus of gender, assets and just cities, and to agree upon the book’s overall theoretical focus and contents. Grounded in the World Urban Forum 7’s themes of urban equality and building just cities, its chapters explore specific issues around gendered asset accumulation and transformation for just cities.

Stemming from the Design for Urban Disaster conference at Harvard University in 2014, Urban Disaster Resilience explores the concepts of “urban” and “disaster” within the framework of “resilience”. Across three sections, the book specifically looks at: Urban planning, design and cities; People, places, complex systems and regulation; and Urban markets, micro-enterprise, insurance and technology.

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